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filmmaker, photographer, writer and artist Mirjam Hlastan

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I love to work with Mirjam because she gives me all the space, trust and patience so I can show all my facets that are in me in that moment without holding back.
— Christina Siemoneit | Actress
Mirjam Hlastan was my assistant when I was the production manager of the SciFi Drama „The Spray“ by Uwe Flade. It was an intense project with tight deadlines and many challenges while the resources were very limited. Having Mirjam on my side was a huge pleasure on a professional as well as on a personal level. She has a holistic understanding of film, which is rare in this dimension. This knowledge helps her to find the right solutions in every situation. Afterwards I hired Mirjam again as a production assistant for commercials because of her outstanding reliability and professionalism. There is one situation which I experience again and again which gives a nice impression of how it is to work with Mirjam: When a team members or the production company has a sorrow and I say that Mirjam will take care of it, they become happy and know that they don ́t have to ask again because everything will be alright. Everybody understands that very fast. Mirjam is very talented and ambitious and has a positive and creative approach to everything. With the combination of her strength of purpose, I m very much looking forward to seeing how she will make her way. I highly recommend supporting Mirjam and her projects in every possible way.
— Lillian Rosa I Filmmaker & Activist
Mirjam is one of the most professional and creative individuals I have ever worked with. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
— Shèna Winchester | Songwriter, Singer



It’s a great-looking meditation on (dis)connectedness of modern society, Mirjam. Loved the minimalistic visual design and graphics. A very fresh and stylised approach to a very current issue. Keep doing what you are doing.
— Jure Matjažič / Film & Commercials director
I was fortunate enough to have met Mirjam Hlastan, this super talented director, and amazing person, in Sarajevo Film Festival in 2008. Good fate and great luck has brought us together as film students in the same dorm room, and very soon we engaged in a beautiful friendship... Little did I know then, in August of 2008, I’ ve just met an artistic genius that is Mirjam. I had the privilege to follow her work over the years, and in my humble opinion, I would say that Forgotten ritual is the crown of her film career so far ( we can’t wait for the next film, Mirjam!). This great short film combines every artistic element that Mirjam unites so expertly: exceptional art design, beautiful storytelling, profound work with the actress, poetic symbolism, and strong, contemporary thematic motifs. In Forgotten ritual- Mirjam creates a world of her own, but still- every single one of us can relate to it, and feel it’s powerful, but a subtle message. It’s an extraordinary film about ( lack of) communication, alienation, solitude, privacy, society, media, social networking, and most of all- our private, and most intimate selves. I highly recommend this film for all of the reasons mentioned above. But mostly I’d recommend it because it is authentic, and beautifully designed cinematic poem about our modern world. Please, don’t miss your chance to see it! With love and friendship towards Mirjam, and great respect for this great production team for creating this most original gem of art. :))
— Sara Hribar I Film director



Autoportrait_Mirjam Hlastan
The photo-shooting with Mirjam Hlastan (Mimi) was just great. I haven´t had that much fun and felt so comfortable while taking pictures for a long time.
From the first second I felt really cared for and being supported in showing whatever I want to show. She took so much time to make sure I felt comfortable.
This made it easy to become more and more creative and try out things I would not have tried otherwise. Feeling totally safe and making art :) = great combination.
Mirjam just makes it very easy to open up yourself to the camera and really show yourself in any facet by her nice and calm and sweet and yet totally professional way.
In fact- sometimes I even forgot the camera was there and when I remembered I still loved it (the camera).
She´s bringing such a warm energy as the person she is and this also goes into the shoot and in her pictures in any way.
Whatever idea you have you can bring it in but she also has great ideas of her own.
The pictures I love. They have so many colors and get me in so many ways. They are happy, sad, deep, funny, beautiful…a whole variety of looks and emotions and…ME :)
I loved this experience. It was wonderful, and so is Mirjam.
— Mareike Jaeger  | Actress



Paper, pencil, focus, drawing, sacred geometry, croquis, learning, testing, fun, inspiration,
observations, mistakes, free flow, guidance, meditations = Art work
— M.









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