to an online creative space of a, Berlin based, Slovenian artist Mirjam Hlastan.


Mirjam is one of the most professional and creative individuals I have ever worked with. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

- Shèna Winchester | Songwriter, Singer

Having Mirjam on my side was a huge pleasure on a professional as well as on a personal level. She has a holistic understanding of film, which is rare in this dimension. This knowledge helps her to find the right solutions in every situation. Afterwards I hired Mirjam again because of her outstanding reliability and professionalism. There is one situation which I experience again and again which gives a nice impression of how it is to work with Mirjam: When a team members or the production company has a sorrow and I say that Mirjam will take care of it, they become happy and know that they don ́t have to ask again because everything will be alright. Everybody understands that very fast. Mirjam is very talented and ambitious and has a positive and creative approach to everything. With the combination of her strength and purpose, I m very much looking forward to seeing how she will make her way. I highly recommend supporting Mirjam and her projects in every possible way.

- Lillian Rosa, Filmmaker & Activist



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