WRITERS STORE - supplies, software, books, courses, contests

FINAL DRAFT is a #1 selling screenwriting software. However, due to various budgets there are other options such as  Highland, Movie outline, Celtix, Adobe Story

ZEN PEN - minimal distraction, maximal zen. Focus on writing.

SCRIVENER - your complete writing studio in one software. 

MOLESKINE - notebooks for any kind of a writer. A perfect partner for your pen. 

JOHN TRUBY is Hollywood's premier screenwriting instructor and story consultant. Author of "The anatomy of story" book and teacher of "The anatomy of story masterclass"

ROBERT MCKEE is one of the screenwriting guru's. Author of the book "The Story" and same named seminar. Find a list of great resources on his site here

SYD FIELD  is a best selling author of many screenwriting books as well as a teacher of his screenwriting Masterclass.

JOHN AUGUST - tons of useful information about screenwriting from screenwriter of  GoBig Fish,  Charlie’s AngelsTitan A.E.Charlie and Chocolate FactoryCorpse Bride, Frankenweenie.

INDUSTRIAL SCRIPTS - the Official site. Screenplay, screenwriting and story experts trusted by the industry. Home of superior script readers.

THE SCRIPT LAB - A comprehensive online screenwriting news and educational magazine. When you sign up among great articles you get a copy of  the "Encyclopedia Of Screenwriting".

Download screenplays from acclaimed movies and learn from the best. The internet movie script databaseSimply scripts,  Go into the story, Weekly script, Daily script, Science fiction and fantasy films, Screenplays for you, Awesome movie scripts and screenplays

NO FILM SCHOOL  is a great resources to get information on all aspects of filmmaking. But the link will lead you to their screenplay collection.

SCRIPT FORMATTING - even though most screenwriting software will do it for you, it's still good to know what it's done in your name. Here is a nice guide.

 REGISTER YOUR SCRIPT at Writer's guild of America. Get more information on script protection and registration in this great article.

SCREENWRITING COMPETITIONS: The Academy Nicholl Fellowships in ScreenwritingBlue Cat, Script Pipeline

GOOD IN A ROOM - Write. Pitch. Sell. Tips for screenwriters who want to write and sell screenplays from former MGM executive Stephanie Palmer.

SCREENWRITING / BAFTA GURU - Screenwriter's Lecture Series in partnership with BFI. Be inspired by Charlie Kaufman and others.

99U - insights on making ideas happen. 


NISIMASA is a non-profit organization promoting young professionals in the European filmmaking industry. 

BERLINALE TALENTS is an annual summit and networking platform of the Berlin International Film Festival for 300 emerging film creatives from all over the world. 

TALENTS SARAJEVO  aims to connect emerging film professionals from Southeast Europe and Southern Caucasus with established film professionals, to inform them and bring them closer to the regional and international film industry. 

ITALY / SUNDANCE SCREENWRITER WORKSHOP will give an opportunity to 8 independent screenwriters to develop their skills under the guidance of International advisors. Through one-on-one sessions with mentors, the Screenwriters/Directors will be advised on tools and techniques required to improve their scripts and methods to pitch the projects in the international domain. Screenwriters/Directors who are European, Europeans living abroad and non-resident Europeans or European origin can apply for the lab. They should be working on their 1st or 2nd feature film.

CINEFONDATION RESIDENCY  welcomes every year a dozen young directors who work on their 1st or 2nd fictional feature film project, in two sessions lasting four and a half months (from October 1st to mid February, and from end of February to mid July ). The residence equally benefit from: a 800-euro grant per month, free access to a large number Paris cinemas, French lessons (optional), the possibility of attending festivals during their stay. 

SUNDANCE SCREENWRITERS LAB is a five-day writer's workshop that gives independent screenwriters the opportunity to work intensively on their feature film scripts with the support of established writers in an environment that encourages innovation and creative risk-taking.

TORINO FILM LAB is a year-round, international laboratory that supports emerging talent from all over the world - with special attention to those working on their 1st and 2nd fiction feature films - through training, development funding and distribution activities. 

NIPKOW PROGRAMM is a program designed to assist film and television professionals in expanding their knowledge, experience and contacts by providing grant-financed training through internships with film and media institutions, practical professional counseling and courses

TIFF TALENT LAB  leads participants in group discussions on a range of topics focused on the artistic side of filmmaking, sharpening the skills and confidence of a new generation of filmmakers.

FILM INDEPENDENT LABS & PROGRAMS are  intensive, hands-on Artist Development Programs are the incubators for the next generation of independent film writers, directors, and producers. Each year, Film Independent helps filmmakers hone their skills, develop current projects, and meet film professionals who can help advance their careers. Artist Development programs and labs are open to all filmmakers, regardless of educational background or previous accomplishment in film.

CREATIVE DISTRICT GRANT PROGRAM gives up to $5000 in grants each month to projects at any stage.

VILLA AURORA is an artists' residency and international meeting place, fostering German-American exchange with fellowship programs in the fields of literature, music, art, film and performance.  

INDEPENDENT FILMMAKER PROJECT, through their programms, helps independent filmmakers to navigate the industry, develop new audiences, and encourage close interaction between all participants.

TRIBECA ALL ACCESS  supports working filmmakers and producers, based in U.S. and Puerto Rico, who come from communities statistically underrepresented in the film industry and whose projects are in all stages of production or post (except for TAA Interactive which is only for projects in development).

SAN FRANCISCO FILM SOCIETY awards film-making grants to incubate and support innovative and exceptional films.


FILM FACTORY - film school by cult hungarian filmmaker Bela Tarr.

DAVID LYNCH FILM MA - Master's Degree in film by cult filmmaker David Lynch

DOVS'S 2 DAY FILM SCHOOL - DVD & Streaming school. Tons of useful information!

RAINDANCE FILM COURSES - The original pioneer of independent film in the UK, Raindance courses have been taken by the likes of Christopher Nolan, Guy Ritchie, David Yates and many others.