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Forgive me...
my roughness with your gentle heart.
Forgive me...
I do not mind your tears.
Forgive me...
I do not see your pain behind those beautiful eyes.
Forgive me...
for not loving your unique existence.
Forgive me...
for disrespecting your pure soul.
Forgive me...
woman in the mirror.

19th February 2006


Pieces of a broken heart, coming together with patience.
Love is.

Tears of a betrayed soul, vanishing in the warming Sun.
Love is.

Painful words, caught in a mind made of stone, healing wounds with
timeless blood.
Love is.
Sweat dripping of a slave, whose rough hands worked for years,
to see, for a moment, a flower growing in its eternal beauty.
Love is.

Faith, falling down as rain drops,  disappearing on the ground for a time, mind can not know.
Love is.

Love is a well known stranger, looking at me, asking me to let him
know me.

Love is a fearful sweetness, which our addiction leans to ...
with hope...

to survive it.

12th of February 2006

What is Love?